The Portuguese Versatility

Joana Neto Mestre, Portuguese lawyer and Managing Partner of MATLAW – a law firm focused on providing legal support to international clients in the field of real estate investment and relocation explains what the Portuguese lifestyle has to offer, and why this old country is much more than beach and golf.

Portugal is commonly categorised as a warm coastal destination desirable for retirees and golfers. What you may not know is that this little southern European country has a versatility that’s reflected in a myriad of ways for every taste and purpose.

In Portugal, you can find the top golf courses in Europe along with stunning beaches that have grown its international reputation, but it’s the rich history and culture that supersedes its reputation, with varied gastronomy from North to the South and must-try wine. A welcoming country to English speakers, with more than 3,000 Kms in high-roads and a technology hub that has been attracting brains from all over the world – including the largest tech event that permanently moved  to Lisbon in 2016: Web Summit.

Teleworking has boomed with the COVID-19 and this has been supported by high-quality internet service which has been indispensable for remote workers. The mid and low-band 5G is expected to be implemented as early as 2021. This makes Portugal a viable option while fulfilling work duties either temporarily for a few months while COVID-19 subsides or permanently.

The cost of living I hear you say? The cost of a high-quality Portuguese life is extremely competitive compared with other countries: gastronomy, luxury real estate, accommodation, health and well-being, tourism and legal services, all are manageable.

Last but definitely not least, Portugal has fast track residency schemes (the so-called Portuguese Golden Visa aimed for third-countries’ investors and covering a wide variety of investments), and for which UK nationals will qualify starting from January 2021, as well as an attractive 10-year tax framework for most newcomers (the non-habitual residency or “NHR” status).

The perfect blend!

Joana Neto Mestre, Portuguese lawyer and Managing Partner of MATLAW for Abode 2